About us


This project was born out of the desire to help the Haitian people after the events of  January 12, 2010. We are a volunteer run, humanitarian aid group aimed to provide an innovative and accessible solution to the drinking water crisis in Haiti, an initiative conceived to make a positive impact on the health of the most vulnerable population.

This project is made possible thanks to a partnership with: Iglesia Bautista Internacional (International Baptist Church) – our local church located in the city of Santo Domingo, Cluster Cultural Association for Innovation – a non-profit organization in Torino dedicated to research on the social impact of new technologies, Vestergaard Frandsen – an European-based company specialized in complex emergency response, and through donations from you: our family and friends.

Please click on the following  icons to see how you can help:

Contact information

Fundraising Team
Associazione Cluster per l’Innovazione /Gricelys Rosario / Yonaty Peña / Marcia Caines

Iglesia Bautista Internacional (International Baptist Church)
Dr. José A. Polanco Billini #13, Altos de Arroyo Hondo
Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
T.  +809 563 4540
E.  info@laibi.org
W. www.laibi.org

Cluster – Cultural Association for Innovation
Via della Basilica 13
10122 Torino Italy
T. +39 011 0702032
E. m.caines@cluster.eu
W. www.cluster.eu

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